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europatek Push Bike

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Your Full Name: Matt King
Whats RS's do you own: Once owned an 88' Sapphire Cosworth
Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. I came across this website buy chance and glad I found it. I’m a Cossie fan and very fond of Sapphires. I’ve attached a few photos of a car I owned between 1999-2007. It came to Australia in 1989 so was solid with no rust. The Aussie climate is much kinder to cars than the UK. It’s an 88’ model that was pretty standard when I got it except for a Superchip, 403’s and about 20psi boost. It had been used in Targe Tasmania a few times and had had a full cage etc… fitted at that time. I added some cosmetic and performance upgrades (the first owner added the silver around the bottom which I really never liked much) but had a bit of love/hate relationship with it as it wouldn’t run just nice when I got it – would hesitate every time you opened the throttle which was very annoying. I sorted it all out buy fitting an Autronic SMC ECU and enjoyed it for a few more years before deciding to move it on for another toy. The spec was;
Autronic SMC ECU
18psi boost
Ported head, GRP A gasket and O ringed block
3” custom exhaust
803 injectors
Eibach springs with Koni shocks
17”x 7” wheels
Late spec lights and vented bonnet.
I’ve been thinking of getting another Saph recently and have been thinking of this car that is nearby to me; ... -712948403
But, I’d really prefer a 4x4 but there are very few of them here in Australia – maybe 9 or 10 of them in total. I actually looked at one back in 1999 before I bought my 88’. It was a 92 facelift model, white with black leather, green top engine, A/C, Escort wheels etc… fantastic car but big $$$. Anyway oneday it may reappear forsale somewhere and I may be able to buy it. In the meantime I dream of another Cossie someday. I’m lucky enough to have another couple of toys to keep me busy in the meantime – a Mk1 Cortina GT with twincam and a 1968 Lotus Elan FHC.
Can anyone suggest the best place in the UK to buy Cossie parts, new and or secondhand? I found RS Cosworth Breakers on the web. If I buy the 2WD I’d like a vented bonnet for it. Can you still buy new bonnets and vents? You could back in 2005 when I got the last one. I’ve been buying parts from Burton which has always worked out well.
Regards to all and keep the Saph photos and projects coming. – Matt.
COSSIE-2-22OC05.JPG (159.52 KiB) Viewed 3415 times
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twin turbo 2.8i V6 148bhp

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Your Full Name: sigmund Henjum
Whats RS's do you own: saph`s, escos + xr4i`s, capri`s, +++
hello and welcome :) looked like a good car you had ;) hope you find one you are happy With, it lookes like a very nice example for sale there :) parts is not a big problem to get, but getting harder With some bits. bonnet and vents is not likly to get from ford new anymore, but never know.

would love to see some pics of the twincam ;) and a tip on pics is, use something like photobucket or similar when sharing photos ;)
sorry about spelling errors and other crap from me... I am from noway... I dont know better

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Hello and welcome Matt :-)

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